When Kids Eat What They See

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health
Dr John La Puma


Healthy Dinners for Kids on TV?

Healthy Dinners for Kids healthy meals nutritious snacksThe Hidden and Potent Effects of Television Advertising is an extraordinary editorial analysis of the effect of TV Ads on pediatric obesity. Why ads do not promote healthy dinners for kids.

The author, a University of Chicago-trained ethicist and pediatrician, documents
*one food commercial every 5 minutes on Saturday a.m (over 90% for high-sugar cereals, candy bars, salty canned foods, fast food and other junk food)
*167 calories extra eaten for each hour of TV watched
*one alcohol commercial every 4 hours during primetime
Know who sponsors your kids’ TV shows…embedded products too, as the lifetime risk for diabetes for someone born in 2000 is 35 percent!

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