What is Low Fat? What is Low Carb? Is there a Sensible, Do-able Middle?

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

Low fat in the recent Cochrane Collaboration meta-analysis of low fat versus low carb meant less than 30% of calories from fat.
Low carb meant fewer than 60 grams of carbs daily…that’s just 240 calories, or from 10-20% on a 2000 or 1200 calorie diet, respectively.
The diet that has been shown to lower blood pressure, the DASH Diet is lowfat: 27% of calories from fat.
The diet that has been shown to prevent diabetes–better than glucophage or metformin is also lowfat: 25%. Here is the Diabetes Prevention protocol.
The sensible middle is at the high end of low fat: about 30%, and nearly all unsaturated.
And the high end of low carb: about 50%: your brain needs those to recognize satiety, and your muscles need them to fire, lift, keep going and burn calories when you’re not exercising.
How much you weigh affects your heart, lungs, brains, bones: it’s not just cosmetic–even if 58% of Canadians think their weight has no affect on their heart health!
Find someone–a coach, your doctor, a dietitian–who can keep you accountable as you lose, and help you keep it off.