The 4 Easiest Steps to Pump Up Stamina: REFUEL Video

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My colleague Michael Roizen, MD, told me on his terrific YOU the Owner’s Manual Radio Show this weekend that the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Schools of Medicine are collaborating on a new building that will house a culinary medicine program and teaching kitchen.

Isn’t that great? Our first ever nutrition and cooking class that we created the curriculum for continues to be refined and used under his leadership, and we will be able to add two more schools to those teaching culinary medicine.

Michael is exceptionally gracious: attached is a screenshot from his and Dr. Oz’ new edition of YOU the Owner’s Manual…I was privileged to do many of the recipes for their book.

This week’s Refuel Minute is about stamina: women who want to help men get healthy will want to learn the four easiest steps too.

a. Chew one fork full 10x.

b. Snack on 10 pistachios.

c. Drink a half cup of citrus water

d. Reward yourself: “I’m awesome!”