Study Tests Alternatives to Gastric Bypass – But Do You Have to Wait?

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

Study Tests Alternatives to Gastric Bypass is a planned 3 year Buffalo, NY study of a weight loss powder, fat blocker, appetite suppressant or no medication…plus behavioral counseling and exercise consultation, and a 2 year followup.

$5 million to treat 280 people who need to lose 100#…under $18k for 3 years…not bad!

Donated drugs, 800-1200 calories daily, active health insurer sponsorship, fear of gastric bypass side effects all assure success.

But the reason all 4 will definitely work? It’s “close supervision.”

More than anything else, caring about your patients, giving them the best science and support, and being right on top of their needs helps people in my practice lose weight and keep it off.