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Salt Much? Discussion 1-on-1 For You?

By DrLaPuma 14 years agoNo Comments
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Salt Shaker

Several sneak peaks–including my statement to the Information Hearing on Diabetes and Obesity in Sacramento 8.25.10 are in the newsletter tomorrow (quick sign-up to get it, top right!).

It was challenging to say something new, practical, and responsible…to decisionmakers about policy.   Let me know what you think.

The news that the average American ingests 3366 mg sodium daily, over 2x what’s recommended is not shocking.

Ditto that 90% of sodium comes not from the table or cooking, but from prepared foods.

What is shocking is that dropping from 3366 to 2166mg daily could prevent 32-66000 cases of stroke, and up to 120000 cases of heart disease every year. The top 5 foods for salt by how much and how often we eat them in the U.S.?

1.  Meat pizza
2.  White bread
3.  Processed cheese
4.  Hot dogs
5.  Spaghetti w/sauce

Lastly,  I answer 10-20 emails weekly at and on FB. But I feel as if I don’t really have the space or time to give you as complete an answer as you deserve.  And need. And for many people, the time and cost involved in traveling to Santa Barbara to see me is too much.

Please take our Discussion Survey (not a medical consultation).  If you even might be interested, please take it…it’s a quickie, no contact info, no e-mail required.

And if there’s enough interest in one-on-one discussions with me on weight loss, medication, cholesterol, more…we’ll do it!

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