People Inhale, Exhale, Finish Breath. Guess What? Portion Sizes are Larger!

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss

In an NIH-funded survey, published in JAMA (click for the abstract) in January, two researchers found what anyone who has eaten in a national chain restaurant (and more than a few corner places) in the last few years knows: portions are bigger. A lot bigger. And so are we.

And it’s mostly fast food–hamburgers, french fries, salty snacks, soda, and now even Mexican food—i.e., Americanized Mexican food, usually covered under a blanket of cheese and deep fried in shortening.

The really sad part about this is that real Mexican food–the kind Mexicans eat–can taste much better, and be much better for you–after all, their sauces are made of tomatoes, chilies, onions and nuts—not cream, butter and flour!