Overweight but Malnourished: How? What to Do?

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Overweight but Malnourished


My patients eat a lot of calories, but are actually malnourished.

Your brain doesn’t count calories–it counts nutrients. But there are few here (worth absorbing), and it’s hungry for the right calories: for more on this, see The Brain’s Way of Healing: brilliant.

Your stomach is empty and growling but you just ate.  Too many calories, too few nutrients. Brain poop. (Conversely, a low starch, higher healthy fat Mediterranean diet seems to fight brain damage).

Belly fat is toxic, and sugar and starch cause its accumulation, not fat.

Belly fat lies adjacent to the liver, mainlines fat there and you end up with foie gras as a liver.  Which is still illegal in my sweet home Chicago, a true paradox.

The kidneys get squeezed, and you get high blood pressure. The number one hormonal organ in your body, if you’re overweight, may well be your belly fat.

80 million Americans are diabetic, or pre-diabetic. That epidemic is going to destroy our health as a country.

Doctors treat with medicine, because those are the weapons that we were trained to offer.  But they’re only band-aids, and as effective as French Fries on a heart patient’s hospital menu.

Diabetes medicines often cause more weight gain. So do some common high blood pressure medicine–beta blockers, for example, slow down your pulse and with that, y0ur metabolism.

But there is hope.  Nearly 90 percent of type II diabetes are reversible.  Having high cholesterol is often reversible, without statins. Controlling high blood pressure with your lifestyle and healthy self is within your reach.

The environment takes decades to change.  But you can change your own habits tomorrow.  One small step at a time.

  • I think we need to rethink the work low and no carb diets. We need carbs and I am so frustrated with people who come up to me to say they don’t eat carbs – what, no fruit, no veggies, no whole grains those are carbs world. Get rid of the bad carbs and obesity would instantly decline. But to get people convinced of this theory – food has to taste good and that is what so many people are missing the mark with in the ‘healthy world.’ Just a thought. I think food is the purest medicine. Great job in spreading the word.