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New Tools for #youdoit #hcsm Self-Empowerment

By DrLaPuma 13 years ago1 Comment
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Dr John La Puma

Participatory patient care (#youdoit #hcsm) is getting more press, and well it should.

I believe patients are way ahead of most clinicians on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle change. The American College of Physicians has cautioned internists to “Tread Lightly” (full disclosure: I’m quoted).

The social web (blogs, tweets, facebook posts and google plus, YouTube videos, more) has the potential to bridge the gap between patients and clinicians, who can continue to be experts and curate the best stuff. Click here.

These sites, and the savvy brands that understand them, will give people a stronger voice in their own health care decisions (Susannah Fox at Pew is eloquent about this).

Here are 5 web tools for self-empowerment getting some warranted attention.

TextWeight: just like it sounds: simple, brilliant, creates accountability.

FitBit: a pedometer, calorie counter and sleep monitor all in one. Now syncs with their site.

Skinnyo: organizes and offers up-to-16 person challenges of all sorts that make it easier to stay healthy: download-able diary, community, more.

Myfitnesspal: log your meals quickly and easily, search a 1m food database, discuss in forum, get mobile apps; diet agnostic.

Healthmonth: a health game which literally spins the wheel, uses nutrition and behavior change to help people improve habits in a fun and sustainable way: plays with fitbit.

One good question: will trusted brands bring about better health with their own social media policies and communications?

Not just food and pharma brands, but companies which spend more on health care than coffee (Starbucks) or steel (General Motors)?

The future of diabetes control, weight control, stronger bones, fewer strokes and heart attacks, better cholesterol levels and happier digestion may depend on it.

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