Looking for Guys to Feature in My Next Book (and on PBS)

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Man Diet Plan PosterAs those of you on my newsletter list probably know, I have developed a free 24 day, online eating plan for men who want to lose the gut and eat themselves lean.  The beta test is next week, and it’s free. With me.

It’s based on my work in medical practice here since I graduated from cooking school. The program is unique.  I’ve been developing it for 15+ years, and perfecting it just for this book, and my upcoming PBS Special.

What do you have to do to get in? You have to be a man, and oveweight or obese.  You have to attend one meeting in Santa Barbara, from 530-7 pm 4.24.12 (see poster, right). You have to take a proprietary quiz online, which gives you your morning ballpark testosterone level.  And you have to be able and willing to send and receive texts, for a 24 day period in May.

Supportive women are welcome at the meeting, by the way. Men need women to get healthy–and to be part of their lives. But women often don’t know how to communicate with men about getting healthy. I’m going to tell them what to say, and how.  That’s part of 4.24.12 too.

I want to work with super motivated, willing men who believe, as I do, that this is a brilliant opportunity, and are willing to work as hard as I have in designing and perfecting this program. Those people have a shot at telling their story in my book, and being featured, and one or more will have a shot at being on PBS with me, as I have been this year and last.  But this time, it’s to change America’s health.

This program and book will change the way men think about themselves if their gut is too big, if they don’t like how they look or feel, if their partner or doctor want them to lose weight, and they haven’t had a friendly way to do that. Now guys will have a tailored, specific, clear, easy, novel eating plan that works for men, tailored for them by me. And then, they’ll change the world.

Register to come to the meeting. And if you’re not in Santa Barbara, no worried: I plan a national beta test in the Fall.  But we have to do this one first, and I need your help in getting it done. Register.


  • Christina

    I am very excited about this program for my hubby! We will have to wait for the one in the fall, because we don’t live in CA. Once my hubby loses the belly fat, I know it will help him with his confidence level. Thanks for doing what you do by helping people get healthy!!

  • This sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I am not obese but I do think this plan is based on solid facts and not hype.

    So, if you are reading this: go for it!

  • Thank you: the beta test was a smashing success, David: we’ll report it this Fall and Winter at meetings, and eventually, make the program widely available. Can’t wait!