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Just Two Changes And You’re Golden

By DrLaPuma 10 years agoNo Comments
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Eating at Home v Eating Out in the U.S.

If we made only two changes in the way we ate, and one of them was to drink water (preferably citrus water, as seen yesterday on Dr Oz) instead of sugar sweetened beverages, what would the other be?

You start by acknowledging that soda is the new cigarette and energy drinks, sweet tea and juice drinks are mere cigarillos.

And  then you move to: eat at home instead of out.

Basically, anything you make at home is better than anything you buy out.

Look at how much our at home intake has shrunk, and our fast food intake has expanded.  Look at the people trying to get Ronald McDonald from seducing kids (and their parents) into a lifetime of addictive food that causes most chronic illness. See how well residents of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada believe they do in the kitchen…with almost everything…except adapting unhealthful recipes into healthful ones.

It’s a little odd that higher income households are less likely to have “good” food skills than those with lower incomes. Because better food tools and skills–knives, herbs, pans–mean better health, quality of life and longevity.

With the exception of pastries, desserts and breaded/fried/battered foods, I don’t think they have to worry. For two reasons: one, they can drop the sugar by half in almost any recipe, and it will not make an appreciable difference; and two, as long as vegetables cover half the plate, they’re golden.

These two rules (and if you count grams, then 25 grams or less daily in total sugar is what WHO recommends now) will help

a. REFUEL you if you’re a man if you want to lose weight, boost low T or just look and feel better…or if you’re a woman looking for a nightstand gift for a man you love

b. improve your insulin sensitivity if you’re a woman or a man, because the fewer calories that are starch or sugar, the better able you are to fight fat storage, and mobilize yourself (I like 5 minutes of interval training, as I’ve illustrated in the book, and in some of my favorite YouTube videos)

That’s it.

Sure there’s a lot more– about working out, better sleep, better communication with women, and handling stress to improve productivity.

But if you want simple, and you want to get started, try dropping the sugar, adding the citrus, and putting veggies at the center of the plate, and start making food your culinary medicine too.  Because the right food for you really will make you stronger, help you get healthy and build energy.

And if you learn to cook, just a little, or hone your skills a lot…well, you’ll set new records for fitness and health: maybe your personal best.   That would be awesome.


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