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January 2014 La Puma/REFUEL Events and Resources

By DrLaPuma 6 years agoNo Comments
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John La Puma using a table saw

So, it’s going to be a big month! Can’t wait! This is what I know thus far about Refuel Events: Resources at the bottom.

I  haven’t entered 10 more radio programs and podcasts, but we’re going to try to tweet them after they’re broadcast.

Main hashtag: #RefuelBook. Main PG-13 hashtag: #CYSYP.

La Puma Refuel Events:

1.02 First of two guest blog posts for, which makes terrific self-tracking products, including Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker (cool sleep device too).  Fifth REFUEL Minute uploaded to

1.02-03  Giveaways! books, personal calls, seminar invitations with VIP membership (no joke!). 36 hours only and only available through the free newsletter, to newsletter subscribers. Sign up here.

1.03  60 minute radio interview with Joe and Terry Graedon of the People’s Pharmacy for their excellent podcast, website and public radio syndication, to be broadcast later in the month.


  • 5 daily original blog posts on, about what young parents can do to recharge, take care of kids, refuel, learn how the quality of their food, sleep, sex really matters to their health, longevity, happiness.
  • interview on Jonathan Bailor’s podcast with him: podcast is “The Science of Slim”;
  • first of 2 punchy, fun newsletters I wrote for the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance on “Men, Food and Sex in the Grocery Store”;

1.08  @WellnessFX: join my video webcast and Google Hangout on food, hormones, sex. Win a free WellnessFx performance package and copy of the book!

1.09  Sixth REFUEL Minute uploaded to

1.13-.15 Book Bundles with High Value Freebies (for people who can buy books in small bunches and large bundles, and who like serious rewards).

The bundles are modeled on the Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Chef packages, but with fewer tchotchkes and more personal contact with me, personally. Find the bundles here on this blog and in the newsletter.  They’re up for three days (72 hours). When they’re gone, they’re gone. Get psyched and tell your friends, because I’ve been working on this for months, and it’s going to be great!

1.15  Three events: early a.m. national radio media tour (Sirius, NPR, more);  noon speech to Medical Office Managers in Santa Barbara, California (“Men, Food and Stamina: how to get more of what you need and less of what you don’t).  Book signing, Chaucer’s Bookstore, 6pm, Loreto Plaza, Santa Barbara. They are pouring my 2012 Arneis and 2012 Dolcetto…free! Updates on their Facebook Page.

1.16 Seventh REFUEL Minute uploaded to

1.18 Interview with Dr. Mike Roizen on, to be podcast and broadcast later in the month.

1.20 First of 5  monthly interviews: Books for Better Living with Julia Serebrinsky: Refuel for the New Year:  Five Diet, Exercise, and Habit Changes You Can Make to Start Refueling Now.

1.22 Online free webinar: Changing your relationship with food. Please come!

1.23 Eighth REFUEL Minute uploaded to

1.30 Ninth REFUEL Minute uploaded to

1.31. My TEDMED-style talk to Dads 2.0 Summit, New Orleans: “How Men Can Reinvent, Reboot, and Refuel Themselves and their Testosterone Levels with What They Eat and How They Live”. I’m planning on arriving a day early to do media in town, and have dinner.  In New Orleans or close by? Join me!

All month we’ll be looking for ways to get men and the women who are looking to help them get stronger, build more stamina, and get more fit, and spread the simple, easy 24 day plan I created and tested in men to help them reboot.

La Puma Refuel Resources

> More book, program, product recommendations/freebies :

> On Amazon:

> Press kit and contact info:

> Slideshare:

> New video trailer:

> New Refuel Minute series:


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