Is the Low Carb Diet Craze Peaking? Or, Why Are Low Carb Products on Clearance at Albertson's?

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss

The split in the medical community about low carb effectiveness and safety persists.

On the one hand, 132 obese adults (BMI >35) of whom 83% had type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome lost more weight on low carb than low fat at 6 months, but at 12 months there was no difference. Ann Intern Med 2004;140:769-77. Measure your BMI, free.

On the other hand, an Atkins-funded 6 month trial of their diet versus a 30% lower fat diet, showed that of 120 overweight but otherwise healthy adult subjects with elevated lipids, Atkins patients lost more weight. But their LDL (read, lousy!) cholesterol went up 7.4 points, and the control group LDLs went down. Ann Intern Med 2004;140:769-77.

Fad diets peak when enough people have tried and failed. Manufacturers may be too late to catch this craze. What�s next? Low glycemic index foods? An anti-inflammatory diet, perhaps for osteoarthritis?

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