Is Sugar Worse than Saturated Fat? Dollars and Sense.

Topics: High Cholesterol, Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

Sure, they’re vintage ads. But three reports show how the heart of seduction still beats louder than a baby’s cry or early rock-n-roll. Though Sugar Inc was right about the pink packets then, and dollars now.

First, the WSJ reports 7-Up is picking up market share in the U.S., by adding an extra crispiness to its soda. Hmmm. Chemicals, anyone?

Second, Frank Hu of Harvard editorializes that saturated fat (especially those from plants) might actually be better for heart disease than sugar and starch.

Hu is no hefty Atkins: he’s a serious scientist who shows that highly refined, processed carbs (bread, pastries, soda, most cereals, candy) up the risk for heart disease. Insulin resistance only makes these foods worse.

And third, employers know that that the wrong food is a drain. A study of Duke University employeesshowed 7x the medical claims for obese workers, annually, than for non obese: (average $51k vs $7.5k, each), with slips, falls, and injuries most common. Indemnity costs? Even higher.

The top three conditions people are trying to *treat* with food, from 1. Weight gain, 2. cholesterol, 3. back pain.

I am so excited that we could make a difference in hospital food, in advertising, in family meals, in your health. With what you eat. With even a sun-filled .
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