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Insight and Practical Wisdom in the WSJ!

By DrLaPuma 19 years agoNo Comments
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Dr John La Puma

Don’t Supersize It…And other tips for parents looking to mend their kids’ junk-food ways, by Lisa Vickery
Finally, a reporter who tells it like it is—and points out that parents have the power and the pocketbooks. They’re not helpless. They control what goes in the house, on the table, and in the grocery cart. Here’s exactly what to do…


Don’t even buy it: Spare your kids (and yourself) the temptation by not stocking the house with chips, soda (aka “liquid candy”), doughnuts and other junk foods.

Portion control: Think in terms of cups and half-cups. If you do have ice cream, serve it in small bowls, not cereal bowls. When out, never “supersize.”

Limit the locations: Keep food consumption in the kitchen and dining room. If kids can’t eat in front of the TV, they’ll reduce mindless munching-and maybe cut down on TV, too.

Make them ask: Parents have more control when kids know they have to ask for a snack.

Don’t cook separate “kids” meals: Youngsters won’t learn to like new tastes if they always default to macaroni and cheese or pizza.

Place fruit in clear sight: Make it as “grab-and-go” as possible, whether washed and on the counter or sliced in the fridge.

Eat as a family whenever possible: Put the vegetables right on their plates.

Don’t make treats forbidden: Make junk food less available, but don’t ban it completely. You don’t want to foster an obsession.

Avoid overly processed foods: Can you recognize what plant or animal it came from? If not, don’t eat it.”

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