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How to Evaluate Weight Loss Programs

By DrLaPuma 17 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Obesity and Weight Loss  /  How to Evaluate Weight Loss Programs
Dr John La Puma

You can tell a lot about a weight loss program by looking
at its approach to “maintenance.”

Online pages are especially telling, because they combine many aspects of the company: nutrition, marketing, technology, and the service value.

Patient-centered pages tend to be offered by the most
patient-centered medical practices and companies.

For example, consider the major elements of the two leaders in
weight loss consultations. These are the drilled-down screens,
describing the service:

Here’s weight loss program #1…

Nutrition for Weight Loss
Part 1 (3 lines)
Part 2 (3 lines)

…and here’s weight loss program #2…

One-on-One Support
Introduction (3 paragraphs, 8 lines)
Support and Strategies?
Here’s another weight loss tip:
Tell a Friend, And You Both Win!
…sign up for myAccount!

If you had to guess, which program makes a greater effort to
provide a simple, easy experience for patients in its *offline*
channels as well? (Program #1 is Canyon Ranch and
Program #2 is Jenny Craig.)

A commitment to building a great patient experience *shows*
– especially online.

Next time you want to evaluate how patient-centered a weight loss
program is – and thus how likely you are to keep weight off that
you lose – a good place to start is the page describing it.

See more resources for weight loss.
See the inspiration for this column: Good Experience.
See this electronic calorie counter: 35,000 foods, 250 restaurants, syncs to your PC: it tells you what’s in what you eat.

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