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Getting Back Into Shape, the CEO Way

By DrLaPuma 16 years ago1 Comment
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Dr John La Puma

Successful weight loss for executives is something I have experience with, andGetting back into shape, the CEO way has got one thing right: there’s no use in making millions of dollars annually—or even less!– if you don’t have the health to use it.

CEO Tim Gordon gets one other thing right: “Analyze, execute a plan, then track and monitor results. It comes down to what you commit to.”

But otherwise, he follows a recipe for relapse.\

Six meals per day, mostly of liquid shakes, is good for babies if the liquid shakes are breast milk from Mom. But not for adults who want to keep the weight off.

Weight loss and weight loss maintenance have nothing to do with “self-discipline” (they have to do with accountability, structure, planning and individualizing food and fitness).

A live-in physical trainer and $25k in home gym equipment are luxuries but unnecessary, even for executives. And for most people, not pleasantly sustainable.

The most careful studies of weight loss maintenance in those who have lost 30# or more and kept it off for over a year (with mean 66# and 5.5 years) of over 5000 people: they have 4 behaviors in common

1) eating a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet;
2) eating breakfast almost every day;
3) frequent self-monitoring of weight; and
4) participation in a high level of physical activity.

The devil is in the details: HOW to eat a diet that works for you and tastes good; what, where and when to eat breakfast; how to monitor your weight (not with a scale); and what constitutes a high level varies from one person to the next.

But this is the challenge of this work: getting those details exactly right. N.b.: weight loss supplements have nothing to do with it.

In my own practice, executives have lost and kept off weight only by using the same skills which got them to the top position to begin with: often, competitive drive, a zeal to achieve, incremental goals and hiring not “yes men” but instead someone who they trust to give them the truth and sound, partnered, coaching advice. Medical and nonmedical.

While the $1000 per square foot of fat farm condos can seem attractive as a place to tune up annually, these are poor investments, if people want to learn and then practice the skills they need, in their own homes, when they travel and whenever they eat out.

Learn about weight loss programs for executives, here in Santa Barbara.

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