Fattest and Slimmest States, 2005

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

Fattest states, by self-reported weight and height in the U.S., are Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia: each has an obesity rate over 30 percent.

Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Vermont are the slimmest, with less than 20 percent.

This is for adults over the age of 20.

Obesity overall was self-reported as 23.9 percent–a full one-third less than actual, measured heights and weights 2 years before: measured obesity was 32.2 percent during 2003-2004.

Take-home lesson
: you need to measure something if you want to know your weight, and your fitness, and lose weight, and keep it off. It can be pant size, belt holes, favorite dress-fit or pedometer count.

Measurement helps you escape the eyeball-factor: good for cooking, bad for weight loss.