EU May Ban Misleading Health Claims, Which are Ordinary in the U.S.

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss

The Financial Times reports that the EU is about to get much tougher with food manufacturers who claim that their product is good for you…as they can in the U.S. And it’s the obesity epidemic that the EU is worried about.

Cleverly, the EU suggests that manufacturers have no interest in misleading consumers, and at core they don’t—even if a Diet Cola is nonfat; even if cigarettes are cholesterol free; even if bacon is carb-lite. Even if. Amazingly, these sorts of claims were not uncommon in the U.S. barely a decade ago. Even cigarettes can be shown to be fat-free, and low in carbs.

What the EU is on to is that people deserve to know what’s in what they’re eating—and they don’t now. We’re not a nation of label readers—yet. We are a glance and go group—but we want to be able to trust what we’re told. In the U.S., we can’t do that—because the print is too small, because trans fats are not on the graphed breakdown in nutrients, because the USDA pyramid is used to bless cereal boxes which seem to contain more sugar than grain.

What to do? Build a better pyramid. Oldways has Traditional Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Latin American pyramids—and those peoples all eat healthfully, before U.S. portion sizes and squishy refined, fatty food gets to Tokyo, Rome, Delhi and Rio.

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