Do Weight Loss Programs Actually Work? And If So, Which Ones?

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss

Short answer: Commercial programs work, if you count 6 pounds off at 2 years with continuous Weight Watchers attendance. Otherwise, there are no research studies, according to an Annals of Internal Medicine evaluation this month. Most doctors can do as well as these programs in helping people lose weight.

Longer Answer: Men and women diet differently–and need different approaches. Doctors recommend commercial programs far more than any others, because that’s what’s available to most patients.

More and more physicians specialize in weight loss, and take it seriously. That means, without dispensing just pills. Or having an assistant or dietitian see the patient every week.

So, declare you are going on a diet. It will make you feel better. Be ambitious. Find a doctor’s help, one-on-one. Measure your BMI, free.