Diet Smart Not Hard…And Check Your Sex

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Diet Smart Not Hard

Dr Oz says “break it down and make it simple”.  Dr. Roizen says “diet smart, not hard: small changes make a big difference.” They recommend in their new YOU: Losing Weight

  • Recruit your team. You need someone to cheer for you and take the fries from you.
  • Plan Your Plate.
  • Take a You-Turn. We all make mistakes: take an authorized U-turn and turn things around.
  • Keep moving! Walk just 30 minutes a day.

They’re right, especially for women who want to lose weight.

But for men and women, there’s something to add to this advice, which I also give often to my own patients.

It taps into something we all care about: sex, sex drive, performance and looks. Not to mention hormones.

I’m for it. Whatever my patients care about most will help them make the changes that are best for their energy level, heart, liver, kidneys and their family.

  • Lisa Allen

    Thanks for tweeting this. I laughed out loud. I’m going to show it to the trainers at my gym so they can share it with some of their clients. You do such great work and are helping so many people. Thanks!!!