DASH, Dairy and Diabetes–Don't Let Overweight Make You Sick

Topics: Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

The best data suggest that low fat and nonfat dairy foods (not ice cream, cheese or whole milk) promote a little weight loss if you’re overweight. This might be from the calcium; this might be from the protein; it might even be from the lactose. And a new JAMA study of 41000 men shows that 2 servings of lowfat/nonfat dairy lowers diabetes risk.

On the other hand, milk appears to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Why milk and prostate cancer? Perhaps it’s the estrogens and insulin-like growth factor I, because pregnant cows produce most of the milk in developed countries, and men (and women) drink it in Western countries.

Milk is a mystery and powerful medicine–and it’s an essential part of lowering blood pressure in the DASH Diet. Learn more, with free DASH recipes.

Milk in moderation