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DASH, Dairy and Diabetes–Don't Let Overweight Make You Sick

By DrLaPuma 14 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Obesity and Weight Loss  /  DASH, Dairy and Diabetes–Don't Let Overweight Make You Sick
Dr John La Puma

The best data suggest that low fat and nonfat dairy foods (not ice cream, cheese or whole milk) promote a little weight loss if you’re overweight. This might be from the calcium; this might be from the protein; it might even be from the lactose. And a new JAMA study of 41000 men shows that 2 servings of lowfat/nonfat dairy lowers diabetes risk.

On the other hand, milk appears to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Why milk and prostate cancer? Perhaps it’s the estrogens and insulin-like growth factor I, because pregnant cows produce most of the milk in developed countries, and men (and women) drink it in Western countries.

Milk is a mystery and powerful medicine–and it’s an essential part of lowering blood pressure in the DASH Diet. Learn more, with free DASH recipes.

Milk in moderation

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