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Coaching for a Healthier Lifestyle

By DrLaPuma 14 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Aging and Costs of Aging  /  Coaching for a Healthier Lifestyle
Dr John La Puma

The training in culinary medicine next month is getting lots of interest (thanks! thanks! thanks ChefMD readers!). So I thought I’d show you what you might expect.

It’s easy to say eat more whole foods, fewer processed ones, walk/train 60 minutes, know your palate, handle stress, get a coach. Everyone says that already, and it’s 90 percent of the work.

It’s harder—and infinitely more worthwhile–to find the last 10 percent. The nitty-gritty how-to strategies and tactics that most people believe aren’t worth the effort. That’s what we’re shooting for.

Sure, coaching for a healthier lifestyle is tough to fit into 3.5 hours, especially with wine and appetizers afterwards, and a luscious dinner to boot. But this week’s news topics tell you what you need to know. We’ll learn is how to develop a plan for your own group’s needs–whether team, class, business, practice.

First, there’s this terrific idea of learning to get the most from, cook (and even identify) real foods. Already ahead of the curve? See the outline of this 12 week cooking course from nourishedkitchen for cutting-edge subjects.

Second, the ways to avoid toxins in your food and the environment. I identified the dyes showed to worsen ADHD in kids in the Big Book, and just yesterday, the names of 37 organophosphate pesticides (list) shown to do the same.

And third, there’s losing weight and feeling full and satisfied with foods of color. Will tiny steps in the right direction, like Michelle Obama’s “Trim a Trillion Calories” really help you choose smaller packages (like 100 calorie Oreos), or is there a better, more personal approach?

  Aging and Costs of Aging, Culinary medicine, Obesity and Weight Loss, Wellness and Mental Health

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