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This Natural Anxiety Remedy is a Must For These Influencers

By Angela Myers 8 months agoNo Comments
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natural anxiety remedy

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or frustrated, you should turn to nature. Yet so few of us actually do. Instead, we turn to social media, food, work, Netflix, and everything which hinders our connection with nature and ourselves. How would you feel if you replaced one hour of Netflix with a nature walk? Or if you turned off your phone and went for a hike?

While many studies prove the effectiveness of time in nature, there’s nothing quite like experiencing nature’s impact yourself or hearing how it’s impacted others. Recently, I sat down with 9 nature ambassadors and influenc ers to see how a daily nature dose transformed their life.

Nature is an Anchor


“Nature has always been my anchor. When my anxiety is surging high, I always need to be in nature whether that’s going for a hike, sitting by the beach, or simply listening to the breeze. It’s incredibly grounding and soothing for me like no other activity.

“In fact, my connection to nature is part of why I became a content creator. I can see so clearly how much it reduces my anxiety and I try to replicate the rhythms and flow of nature in my own life. So far, I’ve found that making the shifts to spend time daily in nature, live in tune with the seasons, and learn to honor my own natural variances in energy have given me a sense of calm and groundedness I just couldn’t grasp before.”

-Rachael McKennon, writer at Milk Glass Home

A Walking Detox to Overwhelm

“As a full-time content creator and copywriter, I am no stranger to stress. My inbox and to-do list are always full, and while I love what I do, I also know I need to take time to clear my head so I can create the best content I can. One of my favorite ways to detox my mind and prevent anxiety is to get out into nature. Sometimes that means driving to a local hiking spot and walking along the dirt paths, or I walk to the nearby lake and feed the ducks. If I have more time, I head straight to the beach and listen to the waves hit the shore. Breathing the fresh air, feeling the sun on my face and listening to the sounds of nature grounds me and helps me to avoid stress and anxiety.”

-Chelsea Kenyon, content creator and copywriter 

A Return to Our True Nature


“Nature teaches us about who we are: Nature does not grow anxious or stressed. It exists without struggling, even when it faces great obstacles. If you pour concrete over arable soil, the moment there is a tiny crack, green bursts through. Nature teaches us persistence, patience, and gives us the power to let go.

“When I put my feet into soil, inhale fresh lilacs, stock a fire, or run my fingers through grass, I remember myself. When I know who I am, I know what I need to create.”

-Vironika Wilde, a Ukrainian poet, spoken word artist, tree hugger, and activist

Nature Grounds Us


“Getting grounded and going out into nature is actually one of the things that I do often as a content creator. I’ve actually noticed that my blood pressure goes down. I feel happier and less stressed by adding this to my daily routine.

“I spend a minimum of 20 minutes outside each day, but sometimes I work by the pool or outside creating content.”

-Stacee Mageee, Spirituality Expert, Wise Woman, & Author

Prevent Burnout The Healthy Way


“I specialize in working with people with anxiety and career burnout. I try to practice what I teach my clients as much as possible. Nature is extremely grounding, healing and beneficial for our mental health. I regularly take walks, visit the beach, walk through the grass bare footed, rock climb, hike and scuba dive. It’s so important to relax our nervous systems to be in touch with nature. We are constantly overstimulated, and nature can really help regulate our nervous system!”

-Dana Colthart, MA, LCSW, psychotherapist

Nature Inspires


“My best writing comes from sitting under the mango trees and meditating with the hummingbirds. Since my awakening, I have been able to lower my stress, rid myself of anxiety and I feel like I can breathe again; I have been able to live fully. Nature has brought me back home in a sense, to myself.”

-Tamara Gabbard, writer and mindset content creator


Walking Breaks Soothe

“As a content creator, my work environment is pretty fast-paced and getting done with my workload is always a race against time. In such working conditions, it was inevitable that I developed a case of stress and burnout. My therapist advised me to connect with nature as a part of my treatment. I was doubtful at first, but the results surprised me a lot.

“I usually take short breaks between work. Previously, these breaks used to be coffee runs, but now I go for a short walk in the park next to my office. The breath of fresh air and the smell of flowers has done wonders for relieving stress. I’ve noticed that being in nature brings down my blood pressure and calms my racing heart. In turn, it helps relieve muscle tension as well. I’ve expanded my connection with nature by keeping a plant on my office desk and going for a nightly run before sleep.”

-Brandon Walsh, Co-Founder of Interly

Nature Saves Lives


“Nature quite literally saved my life back in 2015. I was working at a job that I hated in a city that felt oppressive and inhuman and I knew that a lack of access to nature and green space was a large part of the issue.

“I decided to quit my job and attempt the digital nomad life starting in February of 2015. When I was finally able to, I relocated to Latin America and have spent much of my time hiking jungles and snorkeling reefs ever since.

“Nature is the most important calming force in my life. It is where I go when I feel overwhelmed by society and it is the greatest source of inspiration and creativity in my life. My passion is wildlife and wildlife photography and every time I return from the Amazon or a reef in SE Asia, I feel a renewed sense of purpose in the world.”

-Alex Gillard, Founder of Nomad Adventure Travel

Immersion in Moment and Place


“Immersing myself back into nature , calms me even at my most anxious or stressed out of times.
And when i say immersed, i mean truly be in the moment of only nature. Whether it’s a simple walk, a short hike, a day at the beach…I find the same relief from any of these options. Because I completely immerse myself into that moment and place.”

-Michie Peachie, fitness trainer and nutritionist

  Nature Therapy

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