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5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

By Angela Myers 2 years agoNo Comments
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Natural ways to improve your sex life

You might not one to admit it out loud, but you also can’t ignore the truth; your sex drive has taken a dive and you don’t know why. You’re likely embarrassed, confused and upset. Try not to be. It’s a common issue, but one with many easy nature fixes. These 5 natural practices can improve your sex life.

Studies show that as many as 43% of women and 31% of men experience a drop in libido at some time in their life. Without a doubt, this has an impact on your overall physical and emotional health, as well as your relationship with your partner.

Ironically, a low sex drive can be attributed to lifestyle and relationship problems, age-related hormonal changes, stress, physical disability, and certain medications. But there is help–and not just viagra.

In order to improve your sex drive naturally, you should consider making the right, specific lifestyle changes to lower your stress levels and improve your overall mood.

While there are many natural ways to lift your sex drive, these five have been studied and found to have a direct link to an improved sexual libido.

Take Specialized Herbs

Medicinal herbs are known to help with a variety of physical and mental health issues. While not all herbs directly increase your sex drive, there are four which have been studied in depth for this positive effect.

If you want to improve your libibo, some herbs to consider adding to your diet are:

  • Panax Ginseng
  • Yohimbe
  • Maca Root
  • Dong Quai

These herbs have been studied for their positive impact on low sex drive, insufficient hormone levels, and performance problems, such as erectile dysfunction or inability to achieve orgasm.

Maca Root

Each one works differently and some can interact with other medicines. It’s important to first consult with a qualified health professional before trying any herbal remedy.

And, if you grow the herbs yourself you can get the added physical benefits of gardening. Gardening burns as many calories as some forms of yoga. Exercise and moving your body is another natural way to improve your sex drive so growing herbs offers a two for one!

Yoga in Nature

A major physiological factor which can lower your sex drive is stress. In the 21st century, people are more stressed than ever before. So what can you do to lower your stress levels and improve your sex life?

Do some downward dogs, especially in nature.

A randomized controlled study from 2019 looked at the effect of yoga on stress level in infertile women and found statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the control and experimental groups, findings which supported the hypothesis that yoga could reduce stress levels.

Yoga in nature

But if you want to combine two stress reduction tools, try yoga in nature. A 2015 study of the human physiological benefits of viewing nature found that the fractal patterns we see in nature—found in places like shifting tree branches, crashing waves, and breezy fields of grass—have powerful psychological and physiological benefits on us, including decreasing stress.

Combining yoga and nature is a power combo for making sure you and your partner are a power couple in the bedroom.

Talk about Sex

Sometimes what’s not going on in the bedroom has a lot to do with how you and your partner communicate. From the honeymoon period to being together for decades, sexual needs can and do change. Have honest, open conversations.

Consider engaging the services of a sex therapist, who can guide you toward strategies that will lead to more fulfilling and intimate times together.

Other than seeing a sex therapist, it can be a good idea to spend more quality time together, particuarly in settings which lower cortisol levels and increase serotonin. Walks together in nature can be a great place to connect while decreasing stress and improving mood.

If you want to spend more quality time together as well as talking about sex, nature activities are a great way to do so. Check out my blog post on 5 nature based activities to improve physical and mental health.

Enjoy Forbidden Foods

For centuries different cultures have touted the stimulating benefits of foods such as avocados, figs, pomegranate, dark chocolate, watermelon, and strawberries. And there is scientific evidence to support the aphrodisiac effects of fruits and nuts!

The most likely effect of having these foods in your diet is that they provide vitamins and minerals necessary for peak performance of the whole body.

Some aphrodisiac foods to get you in the mood include:

  • Pomegranate wine
  • Dark chocolate nibs
  • Brazil nuts
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Figs
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados

Dark chocolate

If you want specific recipes to try which include these foods, consider:

Move That Body

Exercise improves circulation, creates sexy muscles, and helps manage stress. When you feel good physically and emotionally, you’re more likely to be in the mood for love. Also, working out with your partner can stimulate the sexual energy between you.

A 2018 study which polled 509 participants on their exercise routine and sex life found those who exercised more often had a higher sex drive than those who exercises more infrequently.

Not only can exercise improve your sex drive, but you can supercharge your workout sessions by exercising outside. Check out this video and blog post about the added benefits of outdoor exercise.


Herbs, forbidden fruits, conversations about sex, yoga in nature, and working out all have the ability to increase your sex drive. But, at the end of the day, having a healthy sex drive comes down to living a healthy lifestyle.

Any healthy lifestyle should include plenty of time in nature. Find out if you spend enough time in nature with my free quiz. This quiz will let you know if you should spend more time in nature and give you customized recommendations to get outside more often.

If you want to commit (for free) to a healthy lifestyle with plenty of time in nature, consider subscribing to my newsletter. When you subscribe, you get my free guide on how to improve your mood this week with nature. I’ll also send you the best recommendations about how to live a happier and healthier life with food and nature as medicine.

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