Test: Does Your Body Have a Nature Deficit? Your Nature Prescription

Are you a man or a woman?

The man and woman on a rock

I have been diagnosed by a medical professional with


How old are you?

A tree in front of house

Do you have a garden or participate in a garden (window box, planter bed, community garden) weekly or more?

A girl spending time on gardening

Do you have a live plant inside, close by where you work or sit?

Some images of houseplants
Please select your weight.

Choose any of the following which are true

A scenery of nature
Have you felt a special connection with nature - including animals, plants or places - in childhood, now or both?

Two dogs on ground
How do you get most of your exercise?
An athlete drinking water
Is the view from your desk or workspace...

Night view from workplace
How many hours daily do you look at a monitor or screen? (choose one)

A laptop on a table
When you’re in the grocery store, where do you get most of your food? (choose one)

Grocery store

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