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What is the Evidence-Based Medical Science That Supports Nature as Medicine?

The data for the health benefits of nature is in no one place! Though this ParkRx succinct summaryhelps, as do summaries for exercising in nature, treating dementia with nature, and rehabbing from PTSD with nature. Proposed mechanisms ranging from behavioral activation, to cortisol, vitamin D and serotonin level change, to phytoncide inhalation and immune system desensitization.

A systematic review of PubMed and other databases show that specific environments (blue or green, garden or meadow, VR or forest) and practices in those environments can be therapeutic for common medical conditions.

Medications for arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, ADHD and asthma are costly, have adverse effects, lower quality of life and often do not improve healthy longevity. Studying and then prescribing specific nature therapies is reasonable, smart and innovative. We need to look beyond the traditional medical office for solutions. The scientific data are beginning to show that nature can provide them–and how it works.

A Video Primer

Excerpt and Examples from my MDVIP 2016 Keynote

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Produce from my Certified Organic Backyard Farm

Basic, Free Online Selected Resources

Basic, Free Online Selected Resources

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