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Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy Can Heal: Learn More!

What is the evidence supporting the use of nature as medicine?

Everyone knows fresh air is good for you. But did you know that exercising outside or in view of outside is more effective than exercising inside? Or that dementia gardens can improve memory? Or that PTSD and ADHD can improve with nature guidance?

How does nature work? Behavioral activation? Cortisol, vitamin D and serotonin level change? Phytoncide inhalation? Immune system desensitization?

The science of specific environments (blue or green, garden or meadow, VR or forest) is just being revealed. But studying and then prescribing specific nature therapies is reasonable, smart and innovative. Below are some places, videos and organizations with which to learn more.

Write A GreenRX… presented to MDVIP’s Annual National Meeting

Culinary Medicine and Nature Therapy Connect Through What You Eat

Where it comes from, how it is raised, and how it acquires and provides nutrition, energy and protection. Click the Superfood/Superdoctor video below for more.

Dr La Puma with Dr Oz

Key Nature Therapy SubSpecialties


The Natural Power of Certified Organic Produce…as seen on Simply Living TV with Ashley Koff RD

Nature As Medicine

Nature Therapy for Young Parents

I recently had the privilege of presenting A Green Rx: Giving Your Family a Healthy Edge at Chadwick Village, a stunning independent K-12 school in Palos Verdes. On a 45 acre bucolic campus, created at the bequest of Margaret and Commander Chadwick in 1935, the school has always been interested

Heat, Smoke, Fire and Air: Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

Air quality is getting worse, and it’s not just the fire, smoke and excessive heat: it’s the cauldron of  toxins, VOCs and, bizarrely, the threat of diabetes that loom. The worst? the Las Vegas area had 145 days of pollution and poor air quality in 2016, a little higher than

Natural Remedies for Respiratory Symptoms

We’ve officially entered the time of year where colds are common and the sound of sniffles, sneezes, and coughs are a regular part of our daily soundtrack. If you’ve been struck down by some of these symptoms, you likely know that a lot of times, there’s nothing more to do

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