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The Nature Dose

Over the past month have you felt anxious? Stressed? Worried?

Then try My Nature Dose Walk!

Try My Nature Dose!

Over 40 million people are so anxious, it affects their daily lives.

Yet over 50% go without treatment.

What is the My Nature Dose Program?

What would happen if you felt lighter, happier and re-energized? Would you look forward to the future? Would you have less back pain? Be in a better mood? Breathe easier?

You are just 10 days away from feeling better. My Nature Dose is a 10 day FREE individualized email program to help you control your anxiety using intentional mindful walking in nature.

Multiple studies find that walking 120 minutes weekly lowers moderate anxiety and worry.  My Nature Dose: 

  •   guides you through walking outside ~20 minutes a day
  •   provides mindfulness walking doses to transform your anxiety into joy
  •   offers daily reminders to give you a nudge to walk
  •   engages your senses to connect you to your environment
Guy walking dog

Wondering how walks in nature and using your senses could cure your anxiety? Check out Brookes Regenhardt’s experience with the practice!

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Try My Nature Dose, Free!