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New CulinaryRx Video Series!

By DrLaPuma 9 years agoNo Comments
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What Is Culinary Medicine

Happy to announce my new CulinaryRx Series I’m hosting with MedPage Today. We answer “What eating plan would you recommend for this patient, and why? Which foods and beverages should she avoid, and choose?”

Check out the text Q+A, video, transcription, youtube link, reader comments and suggestions, and the full site: the first case is a patient with high blood pressure. My first two Video Guest Experts are M. Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic and Dr Robert Lustig of UCSF Medical Center.

Readers can submit their own case, written like the one below (200 words max), for a #culinaryRx. Clinicians can become Video Guest Experts. For more, see the case. We plan to post the case for questions from the audience;  use Google Hangout with the experts;  post the resulting 8 minute video on YouTube; and then post an expert transcript the following week. With luck, we’ll cover all 40 conditions in the ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine!

To submit a case, write in the style below in 200 words or less, and contact, with “CulinaryRx Case” in the subject line.  To appear on the CulinaryRx Video Series, contact me with “Culinary Rx Expert” in the subject line, and embed a short bio.

  Culinary medicine, Hypertension, Presentations

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