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July 17, 2019
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Listening When Your Body Talks

July 16, 2019
Your body speaks a language—but one that needs a little translation! So be sure you’re listening when your body talks… There is an extraordinary two-way communication going on between

What is Therapeutic Horticulture/Horticultural Therapy?

July 2, 2019
Our series of deep dives on the various kinds of nature therapy continues with our eighth blog. This week, our topic is therapeutic horticulture, also known as horticultural therapy. What is it? In a

Move Well, Move Often

June 25, 2019
Move well and move often: it’s smart advice for maintaining a strong, healthy body from head-to-toe, inside and out. With mounting evidence of the ill-effects associated with sitting too much,

What are Care Farms?

June 18, 2019
In this week’s installment of our series of deep dives on the various kinds of nature therapy, we’ll be taking a closer look at care farms. What are care farms? Simply put, a care farm involves

Your Body On Water

June 18, 2019
Athletic or not, we all need water—and plenty of it. Your body on water is far more resilient than your body without it; hydration affects how our body works in daily activities, how prone it is to

Soothe Digestive Irritation with Slippery Elm

June 11, 2019
Slippery Elm (aka Ulmus rubra) has a long history of use in American medicine. George Washington and his men found sustenance in Slippery Elm porridge during their 12 days at Valley Forge; apparently

What is Blue Care?

June 4, 2019
Hopefully you’ve been following (and enjoying!) our bi-weekly series on the many different kinds of nature therapy. This week, our spotlight lands on blue care, a field adjacent to water therapy

Aloe Vera Benefits the Gut

June 4, 2019
With long, thick, plump and pointed deep green leaves, Aloe vera is one of the most well-recognized medicinal plants in the world and benefits the gut. It has a long history of use in

Sweet Potato, A Superhero Superfood

May 28, 2019
Here’s an interesting fact for you: one medium sweet potato provides 100% of your daily needs for Vitamin A—as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C, several of the B vitamins, plus the

Vitamin A for Eye Health

May 21, 2019
Vitamin A is part of a family of substances called retinols and is vital to our overall health—most specifically our skin, immune system, and eyes. Most people think of carrots when they hear

What is Pet Therapy, aka Animal-Assisted Therapy?

May 21, 2019
Today’s deep dive on one of the many kinds of nature therapy is a personal favorite of mine: pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy. Those of us who have had the pleasure of caring for

Yoga for Your Eyes

May 14, 2019
The idea that certain eye movement patterns can correct vision abnormalities, such as near- or farsightedness, has been around since the 1920s—and while there’s no scientific evidence to

Digital Devices & the Health of Your Eyes

May 14, 2019
We’re in a new age of convenience and connectivity—and with it comes new health concerns. Our eyes are in front of digital screens more than ever for both work and play, from smart devices

Billberry vs. Blueberry

May 7, 2019
So what’s the difference between a billberry and a blueberry? They’re both blue. They’re both tasty. And they’re both good for you. But compared to their more well-known

What is Adventure Therapy/Wilderness Therapy?

May 7, 2019
As we continue our deep dive into the various types of nature therapy, we find ourselves at adventure therapy, also known as wilderness therapy or experiential therapy. So what exactly is it?

Our Planet and Climate Change

April 30, 2019
There’s a fantastic and groundbreaking new nature series out recently on Netflix called Our Planet. It’s narrated by the inimitable David Attenborough of Planet Earth and Blue

What is Ecotherapy?

April 23, 2019
Like nature therapy, ecotherapy is one of those inscrutable buzzwords that is trending more and more these days. There’s a huge amount of misinformation and confusion surrounding this term, in part

What is Forest Bathing?

April 16, 2019
Chances are you’ve heard the term forest bathing before, but you don’t know exactly what it means. If the term “forest bathing” conjures up thoughts of a nice porcelain bathtub smack dab in

What is Nature Therapy?

April 9, 2019
The following is adapted and condensed in part from this published interview. Nature therapy (and nature-based therapy) are buzzwords that you might have heard being thrown around more and more these

Black Currants, Your New Favorite Forbidden Fruit

April 2, 2019
Among the most nutritious of berries, Black Currants (Ribes nigra) were once a forbidden fruit in the United States. The berries were susceptible to hosting a fungus that killed white pine trees and

National Spinach Day and the Many Healing Powers of Spinach

March 26, 2019
Finally, it’s everyone’s favorite holiday of the year: National Spinach Day! Spinach has gotten a bad rap for a long time, although it’s made a comeback recently as more and more

The Surprising Health Benefits of Pineapple

March 19, 2019
Who can resist the juicy, vibrant flavor of a sweet and tangy pineapple? Apparently, not many of us—this prickly plant often ranks as one of America’s most in-demand tropical fruits. But

The Power of Potassium for Muscle and Nerve Function

March 8, 2019
Potassium is a mineral that, once inside the body, operates as an electrolyte and becomes essential to the maintenance of proper neural and muscle function. In partnership with sodium, it helps
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