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John La Puma MD is the leading physician voice for culinary medicine and nature therapy and an expert in well-being and nutrition.

Walk to Wellness Challenge | Walking for your Health

Overview The Walk to Wellness Challenge will get you in shape physically and mentally for the best summer yet. With predictions that the world could start opening up as more people are vaccinated, it’s time to ensure you have the mindset and physical stamina to enjoy the start of the

7 Health Benefits of Dancing

Whether you shut the door and close the blinds to move to the beat of your favorite tunes, participate in a formal dance class, or simply “get jiggy” with your kids, dance isn’t just fun — there are health benefits for the mind and body too! The beneficial effects of

10 Culinary Medicinal Spices to Include in your Diet

What if I told you that your favorite kitchen spices like cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger are more than just mouthwatering flavor-boosters—they might actually help you lose weight, have better sex, fight cancer, and even live longer? These 10 culinary medicinal spices could be a significant form of ecomedicine in

How to Reduce Stress Naturally with the California Poppy

I think it’s fair to say that stress is a problem for almost everyone these days! And if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for natural ways to reduce stress and bolster your health. One surprising natural stress reliever you might not know about? The California poppy. (And no,

What is Healing Breathwork in Nature?

What if I told you that a specific kind of healing breathwork could boost your immunity, help you process pain and trauma, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, help you overcome your addictions, improve lung functioning, and generally improve your joy, happiness, confidence, and self-esteem? Today, we’ll be asking and

10 Ways to Find Your Peace in 2021

Finally, 2020 is behind us! The New Year brings a sense of hope, but even as we move into 2021, “normal” still has new meaning when it comes to how we work, live, and interact with the people in our lives. So how can we find our peace in 2021?

Find Out What You Really Want Before 2021 with Shadow Journaling

As the year comes to a close, a lot of people are taking this time to take stock and make plans for the future. But how can you set yourself up for success in the new year if you don’t really know yourself or what you desire? The best way

What is Light Therapy? The EcoMedicine Practice to Treat SAD

What if I told you that the right kind of light could help cure your depression, improve your sleep, and even mitigate the symptoms of dementia? This form of ecomedicine might be what you need to treat seasonal affective disorder — more commonly known as the aptly-acronymed SAD.  Welcome to

Is a High Protein Diet Unhealthy for Your Kidneys?

Healthy kidneys can efficiently process protein. However, over-consuming protein can add unnecessary strain on these organs. If you have risk factors for kidney disease, or have an undetected problem, the strain created by consuming a high protein diet could result in a serious acute or chronic kidney disorder.   What

8 Reasons to Love Your Kidneys (and 5 Ways to Keep Them Healthy)

Healthy kidneys are essential—not just for the urinary system but for the entire body. They remove waste and help maintain the body’s internal environment (also known as homeostasis). There’s so many reasons to love your kidney and some easy practices to keep them healthy! Unfortunately, not everyone has healthy kidneys—and

Organic Bone Broth Recipe for Nature-Based Wellness

There was a time when all soup broth was made fresh, with vegetables, herbs, meat, and the bones from the animal, be it fish, poultry, or steer. But as soup became a canned convenience food, bones were often left out of preparation. Today, bone broth has made a resurgence as

Natural Approaches to Managing Osteoarthritis with EcoMedicine

“Oh, my aching joints!” There’s good reason why we hear this so often. Osteoarthritis, known as OA, is the most common musculoskeletal disease in the world and a prevalent factor in work absences, temporary or permanent disability, hospital admissions, and use of pain-management drugs. While OA can develop in any