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John La Puma MD is the leading physician voice for culinary medicine and nature therapy and an expert in well-being and nutrition.

Pickleball and Aging Well: The Pickleball Slam 2 Connection

If you weren’t watching the Kansas City Chiefs win on Sunday, you might have caught up on watching Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf beat John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova in pickleball…on ESPN for $1 million to charity. It’s the fastest growing sport in the U.S., with 48.3 million pickleball players

Pickleball and Longevity: The Research and A Survey

Dave and Debbie played pickleball together last week for the first time. They are edging into their 60s and are battling old back and knee injury pain. Both started this sport as a fun way to get some exercise and make new friends while releasing some competitive energy.  In between

Kids & Their Devices: Healthy Ideas to Limit Screen Time

Adults and kids alike are spending as much as 50 percent more time using digital devices than they did two years ago. In our pandemic-altered digital reality, kids and teens have been most affected by the lure of the screen spending several hours a day using devices for school, socializing,

5 Easy Hacks to Supercharge Your Mental Health Walk

We can all agree the last couple of years have been stressful. In fact, anxiety levels are up over 25% since 2019. As with many conditions, nature can help heal our anxiety. That’s why my team and I set out to create a free program for anxiety. It includes a

How Soil Quality Affects Your Health

You might be what you eat, but you’re also what your food grows in! An often overlooked element to growing and eating healthy food is the soil quality. There is such a thing as good soil and it impacts your crops, ecology, and yourself. Today, we’re going to dive into

Your Brain on Nature: Natural Stress Relievers to Transform Your Health

Stress isn’t only a negative emotion or inconvenience. It can have detrimental impacts on your mental and physical health. Your body can handle stress in small doses, but ongoing, chronic stress can impact your muscles, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal systems, and respiratory health, among many other systems in your body. While

How Nature Can Cure Your Anxiety

Over 40 million Americans are so anxious, it affects their daily lives. Yet, many people go without treatment. Nature can cure anxiety and help you manage stress levels. Anxiety vs Severe Anxiety The right amount of acute anxiety is actually a good thing– it can improve performance, help you focus,

Natural Remedies For Anxiety That Work For the Whole Family

Persistent worry, feeling overwhelmed, or being nervous about specific events, or even life in general, can contribute to the experience of anxiety for both adults and children. If this heightened emotional state escalates to where it interferes with a person’s ability to participate in their normal daily routine, they may

Your Brain On Nature: Natural Ways To Improve Memory

If you’re forgetting your keys more often or missing appointments, you might think that your memory is going, and your thinking and reasoning skills are not far behind. But these age-related changes are not necessarily Alzheimer’s or another dementia. The memory loss might be a nutritional deficiency, a medication interaction,

5 Natural Ways to Decrease Stress

Are you stressed at the holidays? Who isn’t? Prepping for the new year, social gatherings whether you want them or not, budgeting extra for gifts– pressure 101. But good news! These five natural stress remedies I have for you might be the answer. Quickie: holiday cookies and Hallmark movies don’t

How Time in Nature Can Help You Live Longer

The fountain of youth is found outdoors. Nature experience in specific doses and places can add years to your life and life to your years, according to recent research. Check out five ways nature might help increase your lifespan—and make old age better! Lower risk of cancer One of the

6 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

As the weather gets frightful, the indoors become so delightful. But colder temperatures don’t have to mean you retreat from nature. These six easy ways to stay healthy will help you make the most of nature during the colder months. If you want more ideas, download my free guide to