Wellness in Business Comes of Age

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging, Environmental Health, Wellness and Health

To build a culture of health, develop policy, engage stakeholders, focus on healthy lifestyle changes, recognize success and measure impact is a long, worthwhile, profitable journey. So, it’s best tackled in bite sized portions.

There are several great places to look.

  • The National Business Group on Health makes a business case for prevention and provides resources to members.
  • HERO has assembled a large, retrospective multi-employer health promotion research database.
  • PeopleMetrics has broadened corporate wellness (a poor sister, underfunded idea) to Employee Engagement, a robust notion of passion, retention, effort and advocacy.
  • The 3rd Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit just concluded.
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) celebrates psychological health in the workplace with annual awards and honorees. And #cohealth has a terrific monthly tweetchat.

Among the 2010 APA honorees are Leaders Bank, which has amazingly kept people on course with a “comprehensive Adapting to Change and Effective Stress Management program, motivated from the ground up and endorsed by senior management.”

I’m going to help Lincoln Financial later this month and next with starter-tips, and a unique How Job-Stressed Are You? Now quiz now in beta. It’s bite-sized, tasty and I hope really fun. Try it.