Personal Food Revolution #1: Hot Dogs Make My Knees Hurt! (Osteoarthritis)

Topics: Environmental Health, Wellness and Health

One of the best ways to help people transform their lives and create their own food revolution is to write my patients’ stories: this is #1 of 7.*

Peggy had severe osteoarthritis. Except for the few blocks walk to the market, and the weekly shuttle to a matinee, she was virtually housebound.

Peggy said she usually ate pastries for breakfast, tuna for lunch and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I explained that osteoarthritis was an inflammatory disease. Its pattern of pain and stiffness are predictable, so we could use food to prevent and even treat the pain.

I prescribed an analgesic food for breakfast (berries), an anti-inflammatory food for lunch (fish, soy, ginger or avocado) and an omega-3 food for dinner (fish, walnuts or flax meal).

She avoided foods with trans fats (they are inflammatory), starches and added sugars (they produce irritating cytokines) or red meat (the saturated fat fans inflammation).

Three months after our first meeting she walked into my office without her cane. “My daughter took me to a baseball game last week, and I had a hot dog. My knees

were killing me for three days afterwards. But I went back on my program, and you know what? I feel so good I’m going to move North, where I can get some land.” And

she did.
*adapted from ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine.