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Your health and that of the planet are two sides of the same coin. Feel better and live in synergy with the world around you. Enjoy wellness through nature.

What is EcoMedicine?

EcoMedicine shows that the health of our planet and of our bodies are two sides of the same coin.
Being with plants, animals, clean air and water, and eating and growing unprocessed foods can heal what ails us as specifically and prescriptively as can medication can. 
Explore the most cutting edge research on nature and your health, and get our actionable tips you can start using today to expand your wellness and self-care, improve your immune system, reduce inflammation and feed your microbiota.   As you do, your power to improve the planet’s health develops, expands and helps others.

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EcoMedicine = Better Health Where You and Your Environment Meet

What Are Blue Spaces?

Blue Spaces offer more than a fun day at the lake or hanging ten at the ocean. They offer a variety of health benefits and visiting blue spaces should be part of a healthy routine, but what exactly are they? Blue spaces are bodies of water and areas near bodies

How to Grow Your Own Food in 2022

Did you know people who spent time outside during the pandemic felt less anxious than those who were housebound? Could that have been the 20 million new gardens that were planted and harvested? Could you have one next year? Yes you can! In this gardening guide, we’ll go over what

Spend More Time Outside in 2022 With These 6 Nature Activities

As we approach a new year, many people are considering ways they can become healthier. While you might focus on how you can eat healthier or workout more, there may be a pillar of health you’re missing: going outside. Adding nature activities to your 2022 plans might improve your health.

5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

You might not one to admit it out loud, but you also can’t ignore the truth; your sex drive has taken a dive and you don’t know why. You’re likely embarrassed, confused and upset. Try not to be. It’s a common issue, but one with many easy nature fixes. These

4 Health Benefits of Gardening

Spending time in nature makes you happier and healthier. But do you want to supercharge your time in nature? Then you should consider gardening. There are many ways gardening improves your health, from reducing stress, improving cognition, and giving you the freedom to grow healthier foods in your own backyard

Fall Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

Gardening is often thought to be a spring or summer activity. But in many regions, you can garden in the autumn too. Plants, such as these three fall herbs, are great to grow in your garden this September–and to add to your plate throughout the fall and winter months. Rosemary,

Culinary Medicine and EcoMedicine Connect Through What You Eat

Dr La Puma with Dr Oz

Plants, Entrees, and Autonomy: Make Yourself Happier with How You Live: A University of Chicago Invited Lecture

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