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Your health and that of the planet are two sides of the same coin. Feel better and live in synergy with the world around you. Adapt better and be well.

What is EcoMedicine?

EcoMedicine shows that nature can heal what ails us as specifically and prescriptively as medication can. And that the wellbeing of our planet and of our bodies are two sides of the same coin.
EcoMedicine blends the ancient wisdom of nature with the modern science of medicine to create indoor and outdoor prescriptions to prevent and treat disease, and gives you tools to give back to the planet. 

Our modern lifestyle—sedentary, indoors, and unhealthy—knocks too many of us off balance.

But when you nudge yourself back towards balance through activities and habits that allow you to re-connect with what nature has to offer, you can begin to prevent and treat medical ailments, from anxiety and depression to heart disease and diabetes to back pain and blurry vision.  As you do, your power to improve the planet’s health develops, expands and helps others.

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EcoMedicine = Better Health Where You and Your Environment Meet

What are Care Farm Best Practices?

You may have heard of care farms before, especially if you read last year’s popular blog on care farms. It’s a fantastically innovative idea bridging health and nature that I think we’ll see a lot more of in the coming years. But when a farm environment is also offering therapeutic

How to Reduce Stress Naturally with the California Poppy

I think it’s fair to say that stress is a problem for almost everyone these days! And if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for natural ways to reduce stress and bolster your health. One surprising natural stress reliever you might not know about? The California poppy. (And no,

What is Healing Breathwork in Nature?

What if I told you that a specific kind of healing breathwork could boost your immunity, help you process pain and trauma, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, help you overcome your addictions, improve lung functioning, and generally improve your joy, happiness, confidence, and self-esteem? Today, we’ll be asking and

4 Easy Ways to Green the Indoors with EcoMedicine

What if I told you that the right plant inside your home or office can reduce stress, improve productivity, and save you a bundle in medical expenses? Greening the indoors is an ecomedicine practice which can be integrated into almost any lifestyle.  Welcome to another installment in my “What is

What is Light Therapy? The EcoMedicine Practice to Treat SAD

What if I told you that the right kind of light could help cure your depression, improve your sleep, and even mitigate the symptoms of dementia? This form of ecomedicine might be what you need to treat seasonal affective disorder — more commonly known as the aptly-acronymed SAD.  Welcome to

What is Earthing? What is Grounding?

Today, we’ll be asking and answering the questions: what is earthing? What is grounding? Welcome to another installment in my “What is EcoMedicine?” series, part of my goal to create a compendium of well-researched scientific blogs on the various kinds of nature therapy–which together form the new science of EcoMedicine.

Culinary Medicine and EcoMedicine Connect Through What You Eat

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