Two Ways to Improve Your Flu Immunity: D3 and Vaccines

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Two Ways to Improve Your Flu Immunity: D3 and Vaccines

Earlier this month, I got a flu shot. I also took 2000IU of vitamin D3.  Some people see this as redundant.  Not me.

The recent news that pregnant women who get flu shots protect their fetuses and themselves meshes perfectly with the recent news that vitamin D3 is more of a (helpful) steroid hormone than a vitamin. Too little vitamin D means more fatal infections.

Almost two thirds of the U.S is deficient in vitamin D. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Some scholars believe Vitamin D deficiency is the “seasonal stimulus” for flu epidemics.  In fact, 2000 IU daily prevented nearly 100% of the flu in an excellent RCT study of post-menopausal women.

You can test your vitamin D levels–both vitamin D2 and D3 deficiency or excess–by using this simple at-home test.

Epicurious asked me for a list of flu-fighting foods: I came up with six (actually six categories):

Quercetin Powerhouse Produce, Vitamin D–Rich Foods, Chicken Soup, Green Tea, Yogurt/Kefir, and Chilies.

But even these foods should be used in addition to vitamin D3, and a flu shot.

The more people learn about the relationship between what they eat and their personal health, the fewer medications and devices they are likely to need, and the less disease they are likely to have.

  • Hello Doctor,

    I’m surprised your taking flue shots. I’v never taken, never will, dont give them to my kids and dont recommend them, personally. I do focus on keeping my immune system strong and eating the right food and take supportive herbs when I see others starting to get infections. It is my understanding that tһе immune system іѕ strengthened bу each illness caused bу a virus οr bacteria. Specific antibodies аrе then developed fοr tһе infecting organism. Tһаt’s wһаt usually cures υѕ, wіtһ tһе аѕѕіѕtаחсе οf antibiotics іח tһе case οf bacterial illness. Tһе more exposures wе һаνе, within reason, аѕ children, tһе less frequently wе′ll bе sick аѕ adults. Tһіѕ immunity building seems tο peak bу ουr 30′s, bυt never stops.

    This is not to say that I dont do anything when I detect the onset of an infection. On the contrary, I start taking some herbs and change my diet immediately as well as start gargling with salt water and cleaning my nostrils regularly with a saline solution. If my son or I get an infection is gone in 48 hours without ever using any antibiotics or meds in our life. It’s just the good old immune system learning how to kill some new virus so i dont get it next time.

    I ask people, how often do they get a flu or cold each year and when they do get one how long does it last so i can understand how strong their immune system is. if they get more then one or more infections per year and/or take a week or more to recover the immune system is week.

    As for this so called synthetic vitamin D, I would just recommend go in the sun for 15 minutes each day since we have plenty of it and thats a bit more what nature had in mind.

    While thats my two cents, doctor. I hope you visit me someday in Ojai. khabir