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Study Records Elevated Mercury From Diets Heavy With Fish. I don’t know how to write this without shooting ourselves in the foot. I like fish, and I want you to like it too. But too much fish makes the baby go blind, maybe, and certainly, too much mercury poisons adults and children.

This peer-reviewed article, out 11/1/02, shows that when people with high mercury levels in their blood cut back on the fish they were eating, their levels went down. Mercury poisoning has symptoms of fatigue and memory loss.

How does mercury get into fish, anyway? Fossil fuel. Oil- and coal-fired power plants burn oil and coal. Byproducts wash into the water table. And from the water table into the waterways, and from the waterways into bugs, and from bugs into fish. How sad.

FDA suggests that the types of fish which are high in mercury, however it got there, should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women and kids. Swordfish, shark, king mackerel or tilefish, to be precise.

And tuna is next — one 6-ounce tin of tuna weekly if they eat other fish, and two if they don’t.

Fish is still better food than most meat and poultry. But you have to know where it came from, and you have to be careful. Best bet–stock your own pond. Go to British Columbia for 10 days in summer. Eat other types of fish which are not overfished, or poisoned. Anything except those on the FDA’s list.

Go fish!

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