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Probiotics Enhance Antibiotic Effectiveness For Vaginosis

By DrLaPuma 15 years ago1 Comment
Home  /  Drug Food Safety  /  Probiotics Enhance Antibiotic Effectiveness For Vaginosis
Dr John La Puma

For women with bacterial vaginosis, an overgrowth of the normal bacteria in the vagina, probiotics–the bacteria found in yogurt and kefir–can enhance the effectiveness of the usual antibiotic treatment.

In a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial–the best kind–125 premenopausal women with symptoms all got 1 week of the antibiotic Flagyl/metronidazole; half got 5 billion CFU of lactobacilli for one month, in the form of 2 capsules.

After one month 100% of the probiotic-antibiotic takers were cured, but only 70% of the antibiotic-only takers were cured.

Probiotics colonize the vagina, even if taken orally, and appear to help fight infection, and may likely prevent against future irritation, itching and discharge.

And kefir? Delicious! Like a liquid yogurt. Try some Low Fat Kefir Or make kefir yourself!

Minor infection is important to treat to uterine and fallopian tube infections, which can be very serious, painful and interfere with fertility.

  Drug Food Safety, Vitamins and Supplements, Wellness and Mental Health

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