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Poopy In Your Pants. What About the New Weight Loss Pill?

By DrLaPuma 16 years ago1 Comment
Home  /  Drug Food Safety  /  Poopy In Your Pants. What About the New Weight Loss Pill?
Dr John La Puma

Alli is the new, three-times-a-day, $60 per month, fat-blocker and weight loss agent. It is an over the counter, half-strength version of prescription Xenical.

Xenical is one of the few drugs physicians can choose from in treating obesity, even though most physicians take dietary supplements, not prescriptions, when they want to lose weight.

Relatively few physicians prescribe Xenical (and very few will recommend Alli), because of its side effects– oily anal leakage and vitamin deficits: fat-soluble vitamins D, E, A and K. And, of course, blocking healthy fats–omega-3 fats, fish oil and olive oil–and fat soluble phytonutrients–beta carotene, lycopene, lutein.

JAMA research in 1999, sponsored by the manufacturer showed that people lost 19# in year one on Xenical and a weight loss program. They regained 7#t in year 2 on Xenical, and 9# in year 2 if they were on Alli. People on placebo lost a total of 1.5# over the two years.

So, on average, if you take it for 2 years, with a diet, monitoring and exercise program, you can lose 8.5# more than if you took a sugar pill/placebo.

The best thing about Alli is the diet: it is a low fat, healthful diet. The diet is designed to minimize side effects, and it should, and if you stick to it, you should lose weight.

In fact the fat is so low—just 15 grams per meal, that with three meals and 1600 calories per day, you’re still barely eating 25 percent of your calories from fat.

To find healthy recipes which will work with Alli, search Healthy Recipes, Web-Wide.

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