Obesity, Calcium and Aging: Make Yourself Younger With What You Eat!

Topics: Drug Food Safety, Obesity and Weight Loss, Vitamins and Supplements

With aging can come less calcium intake, but does putting back the calcium you’re missing also mean more lower body weight?

An excellent Obesity Research study suggests that the better your calcium intake from dairy (up to 1300 mg daily), the greater your weight loss, abdominal fat loss, and body fat loss.

The study was done with just 32 adults over 24 weeks, but many other peer-reviewed studies have suggested calcium can be effective. Diets that include 3 or more daily servings of dairy result in significant reductions in adipose.

Why should calcium work? In the lab, it reduces the body’s manufacture of fat cells, increases its breakdown of fat, and reduces fat stores. That translates to less around the middle.

And if you have had a gastric bypass, you must include calcium supplementation–you are losing bone, bone density and bone mass along with fat, and are dangerously at risk.