No Hot Plastics: REFUEL Minute 4 (video)

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This is an easy one to knock off: and the data very persuasive.

The more toxins from hot plastics, the greater the chance (for many people, men and women) of infertility and lower testosterone levels for men. Check your testosterone level. Check your vitamin D level and omega-3 level too.

Chronic stress plus “gender-bending” chemicals like BPA are a combo that a lot of infertile couples may not have thought of.  Why are sperm counts down 35% in 25 years?

Men — but not women — with high phthalate concentrations are 20% less fertile than men without high levels: and common plastics are anti-androgens.

To fight this:

  1. No hot food touching plastic.
  2. Don’t heat plastics.
  3. Grill in quantity (in a good pan if you are inside); pack for the week…so you don’t have to rely on fast food touching plastic wrap in all its hot, messiness. Have your food without extra estrogen: make it yourself, or know the person who does, with you in mind.