Low Fat Diet and 4.8 Pounds of Weight Loss for 12 Months…Is It Worth It?

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The JAMA diet research study of 48800 women (average age 62, average BMI 29) followed for 7 years on a 20 percent or lower Low-Fat Diet is being misinterpreted: it was prescribed not for weight loss but for reducing risk for breast and colon cancer.

But study after study is showing that for weight loss, it’s what you can stick with that counts. Atkins, Zone, Ornish, Pritikin, Sugar Busters all work for weight loss, though each can cause vitamin deficiencies.

Weight Watchers is the diet doctors prescribe most. But Atkins is the diet doctors follow most.

What makes the most difference in weight loss success is early, regular, positive reinforcement of new eating and activity patterns–as already shown in the Netherlands.

Most people need a one-on-one weight loss guide to do this, and to achieve, they need to believe, and have a physician or dietitian coach them to weight loss and maintenance, one-on-one. But two good online diet plans
Diet Plans and Weight Loss Programs: Mediterranean Diet, GI Diet …
Making meals ahead of time is one of the best ways to conserve time.