Capsiplex: Does Chile Work for Weight Loss?

Topics: Drug Food Safety

Can weight loss and wellness be yours in a Capsiplex pill? Especially a chile head pill, with Britney, Brad and JLo as testimonials?

There is clear evidence that capsaicin (the chemical in chilies that makes hot peppers hot, and presumably in capsiplex) does increase metabolic rate, and *eaten* over months, does help people eat less.

The studies cited on, and many more in and my Culinary Medicine book, show fat-burning from capsaicin, in the right dosage, can work…though few people can stomach the right dose. Most studies are done with chilies, not supplements.

However, the studies cited on are for a different compound, Capsimax™ Plus Blend. It consists of:

Capsicum Fruit Extract
Caffeine Anhydrous
Black Pepper Extract (Piperine)

If Capsiplex contains these, it’s not a good idea, IMO, for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, irritability or caffeine addiction…without medical supervision.

The amounts in Capsimax Plus are not mentioned; and the Capsiplex label is nowhere to be found. If the studies claiming “278 calorie burning” are published anywhere, there is no reference.

The best way to wellness and weight loss in 2010 is learning what’s in what you eat. Choose quality over quantity, with extra flavor.

Don’t be fooled by pills claiming to be good food.

  • Sue

    There’s really no replacement for real food… thank God we have your website to provide recipes that are medicinal.

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  • The key to successful weight loss is a healthy diet a moderate amount of exercise and maybe even a dietary supplement to help move things along

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