3 Days of Fresh Foods Lowers Your BPA Level Up to 66%

Topics: Drug Food Safety, Environmental Health, Wellness and Health, Wine and Tea

Food with packaging…so convenient, so easy, so iffy.

Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates (especially DEHP) are endocrine disruptors, especially of male hormone levels.  BPA and phtalates are found in plastics that touch your food and beverages.

The FDA is trying to reduce consumer exposure to BPA. Canada has declared BPA toxic and outlawed its use in baby bottles; so have China and several European countries.

30 U.S. states have legislation pending or have banned BPA use in kids foods.

In Celiac disease, gluten is the culprit and gluten-free food.

In BPA toxicity, canned food (linings), plastic water bottles and wrap, microwaved plastics and plastic utensils are the culprits.

I taped a video news release about BPA, because I think it’s an important issue.

Fresh foods, stainless steel water bottles, certain nonleaching plastics (#s 2, 4 and 5) glass containers and stainless steel, ceramic and cast iron cookware are the cure–together with home cooking.

In a small BPA study of food packaging of 5 families, just 3 days of home cooking without plastics dropped BPA levels by 66%. Those levels bounced back up once the families went back to their ordinary eating.

Less food packaging, less soda and fewer frozen dinners, more glass, ceramic and stainless steel, the better chance you have of maintaining a normal hormone levels, protecting your family and avoiding BPA.