Typical Weight Loss Program Results

Dr La Puma Board Certified Internal Medicine, Nutrition Expert

Summary: Dr La Puma’s Weight Loss Program Results

Sixteen clients (age range 52-68, initial weight 223# – 360#) lost an average of 85# and 24% body fat over an average 19.5 months, and have reduced or eliminated blood pressure and lipid medications.

Intensive follow-up (twice weekly) long distance, with up to 365/24/7 access and a high degree of accountability.

Dr La Puma Star Weight Loss Program Clients TEDMED AMA John La Puma MD licensed nutritionist dietitian los angeles

Barbara S–53 y/o Venture Capitalist and Nonprofit Exec lost 120# in 18 months , and lowered her blood pressure 20 points, spoke to a national medical conference about lifestyle change, just before walking 18 holes on a Scotland golf course. Controlled her portions, and created spa retreats for her friends.

Carl D –73 y/o Tax Attorney, on the road 25% of the time, got to 37,000 consecutive steps in 24 hours: called Dr. La Puma from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, on his way to lowering his LDL. Did not need weight loss. Ate foods that controlled his cholesterol: impressed his primary physician.

Delilah B 39 y/o Publishing Company Exec lost 50# and 12 inches in her waist and hips over 12 months, becoming a gourmet cook. Learned to be a label sleuth and walk regularly.

Frank N 42 y/o Body Builder and City Fireman could not climb 14 flights of stairs. Lost 25# in 4 months, led his fire department crew in stair running; later took professional cooking classes. Changed his daily work out, and his protein sources.

Fred M 69 y/o Academic Dean lost 38#, raised his protective HDL cholesterol from 24 to 62 in 5 months, reduced his blood pressure to normal, avoiding medication. Changed his snacks, started strength training, added muscle.

Ellwood K 34 y/o Insurance Executive lost 30#, dropped cholesterol from 305 to 146, now off Zocor. Beat his nutritionist brother and chiropractor father in a 5k race at the end of 6 months. Learned to read between the lines on the menu when eating out, and when entertaining clients.

Karen I –53 y/o Ivy League Graduate Student and Arts Donor, and frequent traveler, lost 90# in 7 months, quit smoking altogether, and cut her Procardia XL (for high blood pressure) from 120 milligrams to 15 milligrams. Adjusted her meals for portion size and nutrient density. Stopped snacking.

Nanci A –71 y/o Real Estate Broker lost 45# over 12 months Got off antidepressants and blood pressure medicine.  Learned to sit while eating, instead of leaning over the sink.

Ted B –61 y/o Fortune 1000 CEO, on the road 30% of the time, dropped LDL from 163 to 123 over 9 months, with HDL 52: avoided statins altogether. Currently aiming for an LDL of less than 100. Did not need weight loss. Added muscle.

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Dr La Puma Board Certified Internal Medicine, Nutrition Expert