“I went from 217 lbs. to 176 lbs. in just over four months! Not only did I lose 41 lbs., but my body fat went from 29.9% to 18.7%. Thanks to my new lifetstyle, I no longer have to take prescription medication for my high blood pressure.”
– Samuel L., Montecito, CA

“I lost 23 lbs. following Dr. La Puma’s private weight loss program that he designed individually for me. The best part is that after 14 years of smoking I finally quit…at the same time!”
– Julie W., Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you for your help, dedication and patience. Your advice worked! I feel 20 years younger, and so much better, and I am ready for next year.  Happy New Year!”
– Bonnie A, Montecito, CA

“Dr. La Puma thoroughly understands the medical importance of treating people who are overweight.  He coached me thru 87# of weight loss, one-on-one, even though I am only in Santa Barbara once a year. I have kept if off for 5 years, and I still see him once a year. He is an insightful coach, a doctor who knows and works with other doctors, and even a mentor.”
– Kathryn Q., Barrington, IL

“All my friends ask, ‘What are you doing?’ I tell them it’s a weight loss lifestyle program that a doctor designed for me.  That’s the secret to 55 pounds off in 10 months, without feeling deprived. Dr. La Puma is just incredible.”
- Sally P., Pacific Palisades, CA

“I didn’t want another diet–I wanted a lifestyle that incorporated smart, healthy
eating that didn’t take tons of time, which I don’t have with efficient strength and cardio.  Dr. La Puma kept me to a program that helped me overcome years of bad habits in less time then I thought possible. The benefits of this program will change your life.”
– Gina S., Santa Barbara, CA

“I have been a client of Dr. La Puma’s for the past 2 years.  I don’t need pain medication for my back any more, and I don’t take antidepressants.  My program works for all of that. Dr. La Puma makes sure you achieve your personal goals, no matter what they are. If you are looking for the Best of the Best you have found it with him and do not need to look any further. “
– Georgia T., Carpinteria, CA

“I began working with Dr. La Puma in August 2006. My objective was to improve my quality of life through weight loss and lifestyle changes. I have found him to be a person of intelligence, common sense and integrity who quickly earned my trust. Through this leadership he has helped me personally achieve many milestones toward my objective. Through my achievements he has earned the respect of my family and friends. I continue to work with Dr. La Puma to achieve my ever aggressive objectives. I encourage individuals committed to similar objectives to consider working with Dr. La Puma.”
-Mark P, Santa Barbara, CA

“And my cholesterol was still out of sight. So I enlisted a secret weapon: John La Puma. Espousing the food-as-medicine mantra, Dr. La Puma is an internist, professional chef and former culinary-arts professor….these dietary changes may well remove the need for many people to take medicine, and lower their dependence on them for many others.”
—Tom Burton, Pulitzer Prize Winner, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago IL