Job Stress Quizzes: for Owners and Employees

How Job Stressed Are You Now?

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If you are a business owner, you have different stresses:

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Chronic stress interferes with memory, concentration, judgment and decision-making.  It is the most common cause of absenteeism and a prime cause of job turnover.

Preparing for stress, reframing it and controlling it are among the most important benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Read the Paging Dr La Puma blog posts about stress, personal health and corporate wellness.

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Quiz Scoring: How Job Stressed Are You Now? Both Quizzes (Take the Employee or the Owner quiz linked above for your personal score).

Score: over 80: You cope with job-stress very well. Your health and safety may be affected positively, with excellent productivity, relationships and organization.

Score: 50-79: Your job stress is significant. Your blood pressure, your sleeping pattern, your waist size, your body weight, your tobacco use and your drug or alcohol intake may all be abnormal because of chronic stress.

Score: under 50: Your job stress is affecting your health and safety. It is essential you learn more about how to reduce job stress.
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