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Men Don't Diet, Men Refuel!

Healthy Eating Meal Plan for Men. Why Risk Low T?

Dr La Puma’s 24-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan for Men to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone & Pump Up Strength and Stamina: A Natural Approach to Boost Low T! Men Don’t Diet, Men Refuel!

REFUEL is a new, scientifically sound, simple approach for men who want to boost testosterone, shed fat and supercharge energy, sexual stamina and strength, naturally.  Fight Low T no matter what your age. REFUEL now.

And for women looking to help a man– husband, boyfriend, father, brother, co-worker, friend– this is the insider’s guide you need now.

Hunger is a biological urge, hunting for food is primal, and eating sustains life. Men eat what they find in the environment.

Prehistoric men found foods like meats, fish, roots, and berries.

Today’s men find Big Macs, double-stuffed Oreos, chili cheese fries, fried chicken—and whatever’s in the fridge at eye level.

No wonder you’re overweight. You’ve been drugged by overprocessed food and gender bending chemicals.

REFUEL recommends a healthy eating meal plan with lower carb/near fasting days (intermittent fasting) that can change this.

It is a pioneer in the intermittent fasting/culinary medicine movement!

REFUEL gives you a 24 day, scientifically sound, 3 phase eating program specifically engineered for and tested in men–it fights low T, boosts testosterone, rebuilds stamina and tastes awesome.

Surprisingly efficient, very short exercises can build muscle and confidence and testosterone. As seen in Men’s Health Magazine.

Ordinary every day plastics and chemicals can depress fertility, sperm count and sexual performance.

Refuel The Book healthy eating meal plan

REFUEL results at Stanford’s Med X:


Book Reviews & Endorsements

“REFUEL is the book we women have been waiting for to give to the men in our lives! With this information, men can regain the stamina and health they once took for granted!” — Christiane Northrup, M.D., and bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Let Dr. La Puma be your personal doctor. Few doctors really get it–but with REFUEL, John helps you master a few simple ways to exercise that will burn the most calories in the least time. Love the high intensity training, clean fuel and lifestyle!” – Jillian Michaels, New York Times bestselling author of Slim For Life and Master Your Metabolism

“A practical guide for men…with a lot of good recipes for health” — Eric J. Topol, M.D., Cardiologist, Scripps Clinic; Author, Creative Destruction of Medicine

“Peppered with clever, pithy ‘man memos’… La Puma’s healthy eating meal plan diet for men is practical and user-friendly.” – Publishers Weekly

“Dr. John La Puma has a deep and comprehensive understanding of what makes people tick: in particular, the drivers that cause men to develop unsustainable lifestyles. Here he provides practical answers to what had seemed impossibly complex problems using warmth, humour, and refreshing simplicity.” — Glenn Riseley, Founder & President, Global Corporate Challenge

“Finally! A great book for a man who wants to eat to optimize his body.  Written with the skills of a great physician and chef, Dr. La Puma’s REFUEL is packed and practical. This book is a game-changer.” — Alan Greene, M.D., Author, health pioneer, and Founder Dr.

REFUEL One Page Cheat Sheet, Recommended Supplement List (not long!), 10 more REFUEL-Rich recipes (didn’t fit in the book),  Evernote research folder for REFUEL (>500 peer-reviewed articles): become a member.

To see Dr. La Puma for a personal medical appointment in Santa Barbara for your personal Refueling, read our FAQ for appointments and contact Barbara.

Healthy Eating Meal Plan – REFUEL