Lower Cholesterol

Eating your way to lower cholesterol–even if you have tried before–is not hard: you just have to know how. What you add is as important as what you avoid.

Dr. La Puma shows you how.

He also offers access to Advanced Lipid Sub-fractioning and Testing.  The shape and density of LDL and HDL are as important as how much: if you want a personalized cardiac risk reduction program.

His lipid lowering program has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and praised in The New York Times.

The Journal called him “a secret weapon”; the Times offers “kudos”.

Because so many people have side effects from cholesterol-lowering drugs, especially statins, it’s worth having a plan that works for you.

Watch the WGN-TV “Health Corner” interview with Dr. La Puma below: these are foods that work for almost everyone to lower their LDL. So do several important supplements, including B vitamins.

Want more? Read the New York Times and Wall Street Journal pieces linked above.

Want even more? Why not come to Santa Barbara? Dr. La Puma sees clients in-person who are motivated and want to create a plan.

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