Chef Clinic®

Chef Clinic

Cooking, Healthy Eating & Fitness: Chef Clinic®

Dr. La Puma’s nationally lauded Chef Clinic® helps businesses and brands who care about energy, well-being and fun!

Separate from personal medical consultation, Chef Clinic® has two arms: consulting/media and research.

Its consulting/media arm has helped clients:

  • develop diet program strategies for anti-aging
  • analyze disease management offerings in obesity and wellness, and
  • craft and promote successful and effective messages for diet plans and nutritional products in all media

Clients have included RealAge, Caremark, GSK, Cigna and Kraft. Chef Clinic® recipes first appeared on Oprah! in 1999. Its work has been covered by major media and garnered millions of impressions.

Chef Clinic® has also published in popular and academic journals, and created media to motivate people to eat and cook healthy. Its first videotape was produced in 1997 and featured at Oldways Preservation Trust’s International Conference on the Vegetarian Diet.  Chef Clinic® famously created a “Weight Loss Camp for Adults” in suburban Chicago around the same time, resulting in dramatic weight loss, blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol control.

Ongoing efforts include work in:

  • teaching culinary medicine to health conscious people
  • anti-aging strategies and practices
  • corporate wellness
  • improving hospital, conference, hotel and resort-related meals
  • men’s health and well-being
  • the importance of nature in healing
  • healing gardens for specific medical conditions
  • early detection of celiac disease (Take the free Should You Be Gluten Free? quiz)
  • stress reduction and management
  • stocking a kitchen medicine cabinet
  • long term weight loss with lifestyle change

Chef Clinic® makes Dr. La Puma available to others, from small groups visiting Santa Barbara to large corporations who need a subject matter expert. Chef Clinic® has made important contributions to the study of healthy conference meals, physician eating, national trends in physician weight loss medication prescribing habits, physician diet recommendations, and early detection of celiac disease.

The Clinic funds this website and its mirrors and Dr. La Puma works on its behalf: its mission is to help people eat, cook and live their youngest, starting today.