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Medical Office

Personalized Weight Loss and Nutrition

Personalized Healthy Eating Meal Plans and Prescriptive Programs

Dr John La Puma is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and an international leader in his field of nutrition and weight control.  He provides you with the support, structure, strategies and healthy eating program you need so you can lose your weight quickly, easily and without hunger or deprivation. He sees you himself, and works for you and your success.

Read about successful patients. To learn more, call Thomas or Barbara Hanover at 805-284-2238. Or e-mail us.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have reported Dr. La Puma’s work in lipid/cholesterol control, lifestyle change and weight management. The New York Times Op Ed page has featured his work in helping men get healthy naturally without testosterone, and followed his Op-Ed with an endorsing, next-day editorial.

Dr. La Puma has been named the only physician on Santa Barbara Magazine’s Best List. His clinical work and programs have also been locally featured by The Santa Barbara Independent, the Santa Barbara NewsPress, 805Living and the UCSB Magazine Coastlines.  His clinical work has been nationally featured by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and major online news portals.

Santa Barbara Nutrition Doctor – Healthy Eating Plans and Programs

Culinary Medicine/Food as Medicine Consultations

Dr. La Puma practices as an internal medicine physician specializing in nutrition in Santa Barbara, committed to helping you reach your optimum health with culinary medicine and a balanced health eating program. He practices according to a new model of personalization, prevention, prediction and participation in optimal health and weight management.

Dr. La Puma helps you reinvent your approach to a specific health concern or set of health concerns. You deserve to live an energetic, powerful, pain-free, long life full of joy, meaning and well-being. Often this means better quality food, and an integrative approach, using your own lifestyle and way of living to design an eating, fitness and lifestyle plan that helps you become well.

Patients with the following conditions can look forward to a personalized healthy eating program and consultation to help them look and feel better with what they eat and how they live.

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Disorders (IBD, IBS, GERD/Reflux)
  • Diseases of Aging
  • Healthy Weight and Metabolism
  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol (Dyslipidemia)
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Low Testosterone (Men)
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Stroke Prevention

To learn more, contact Barbara or Thomas in Dr. La Puma’s office.

FAQs: Seeing Dr. La Puma

Weight Loss- Nutrition Doctor, Santa Barbara

Do you think you can help me?

Yes. When you come for your first appointment, Dr. La Puma will try to understand your personal medical goals, and help you achieve them. He can also refer you to another specialist, if appropriate.

Do I have to see Dr. La Puma in person for my medical consultation?

Dr. La Puma needs to see you in person; his medical licenses require it, and there is no substitute for an initial doctor-patient connection. Follow-up appointments can be arranged by phone or in the office.

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The Santa Barbara Airport is 20 minutes away and Los Angeles International Airport is 95 minutes away.

I cannot travel to Santa Barbara for regular appointments. Can you still see me?

Yes. You need to come to an extensive initial in-person appointment. Other appointments can be by telephone.

What should I expect at the first visit?

The initial appointment with Dr. La Puma is scheduled for up to 1.5 hours.  Dr. La Puma will personally review your medical history and your current medications and supplements, the forms you’ve completed and medical records and laboratory tests you’ve provided.  He will also recommend a Santa Barbara weight loss program for you.

There are no mandatory laboratory or diagnostic tests, or dietary supplements or meals to purchase, nor are there devices to buy.  We know care is expensive, and do not want you to spend money unnecessarily.

Does Dr. La Puma prescribe medication?

He does when necessary. The focus of his approach, however, is to help you change your habits with nutritional and lifestyle measures, and with coaching, accountability and practical strategies.

Can Dr. La Puma be my primary care physician?

No. Although he is a board-certified internist and trained as a general internal medicine physician, Dr. La Puma works with you to help you address your nutritional medical problems, including weight gain, diabetes, back pain, high cholesterol and more. He can and does confer with your primary care physician and other specialists as needed.

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance or Medicare, or file insurance paperwork. However, we will provide a detailed receipt for services performed for you to submit to your insurance carriers, and you will be provided with diagnosis and procedure codes to assist you with possible insurance reimbursement.  You can also use flex spending accounts and medical or health savings accounts to pay for your consultation and program. Payment in full by check, cash or credit card is due at the time services are provided. There is no payment plan or sliding scale.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, American Express and Visa.

Where can I learn more?

Contact Mr. Thomas or Ms. Barbara Hanover, at 805-284-2238 or by e-mail.