TV's Famous Food Products…$20 for Tween Sodas?

Topics: Child Obesity

The Wall Street Journal reports “beverage companies spent $474 million to market sugary carbonated beverages to children ages 12 to 17 — or nearly $20 per American teenager — in 2006.”

This sort of sickening seduction of kids is worth about $1.6 billion annually to 44 companies. That’s the same ad budget for General Electric. For Toyota. For Sony. Each.

Watch TV much?
Here are “Selected licensed products marketed to kids”
American Idol has candy, cookies and toaster pastries.
The Chronicles of Narnia have quick service restaurant kids meals (QSRKM), cereals cereal bars, chips and toaster pastries.
Disney Princesses have kids cereals, fruit snacks, yogurt, frozen waffles and toaster pastries.
Pirates of the Caribbean has QSRKM, candy, frozen waffles, fruit snacks, cereal, lunch kits and popcorn
Spider-Man has QSRCM, cereal, cereal bars, cookies, pancakes, fruit snacks, crackers, snack chips
SpongeBob SquarePants has QSRCM, cereal, crackers, mac and cheese, lunch kits and fruit snacks.”

Just a thought: what would happen if we used some of those dollars for healthy foods? We could make these foods so much better, with a little Culinary Medicine

Gary Oldman Carnegie


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